Hey there,

I’m Tina. Woman. Mom. Friend. Voracious reader. Deep thinker, and I’m also …a writer.

Mainly, I’m a story-teller. Stories are beautiful and sacred. They’re life-giving, and absolutely transformational.

Here on my blog, I tell the stories of my life, which are filled with honest reflections of this crazy thing we call being human. Stories of broken hearts and shattered dreams, with detours and new beginnings and the quiet constant presence of a God who doesn’t give up on us, and tenderly makes his love irresistible.

After high school, I joined a literature ship and lived on the sea for three years, met wonderful friends from all over the world, and eventually settled down in Bothell, Washington. I studied ministry and theology at Northwest University and most recently lived in Chile for three years and returned to the Seattle area in June of 2015. I’m thankful to be home, but deeply miss my friends there.

After my daughter, Emma, was born I began to feel a gentle nudge to write. I did … and discovered that I LOVE to write. I love to scrap out meaning and significance from story and I love to pen words down day and after day and chronicle my own particular slant of truth.

One more thing: I’m in the process of changing my name to Tina Osterhouse, which also means, I recently went through a divorce. This life is no cake-walk, but I’m so thankful to be alive.

I’m glad you found your way here …