You will forget your sorrow, recalling it only as …

As Waters Gone By

When Ellie moves in when her aunt on Orcas Island after her mother’s death, she doesn’t expect to have one of the most incredible summers of her life.

She doesn’t expect to restore a mysterious lighthouse that holds the truth about her family, or to rehabilitate a crazy dog, or to see a strange man who may or may not be a ghost.

And the last thing she expects is to meet Will Larson, who flips her summer upside down.

But when Will’s past and her own collide, will their relationship survive the secrets they both conceal, or will these unshared secrets tear them apart? Can Ellie gain the courage to uncover the truth of who she really is and finally find a place where she belongs, or will she choose to remain an outsider?

ISBN Number  9781616030292
Scheduled Release Date – November 5, 2013
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An Ordinary Love

"Tina Bustamate knows how to tell a turbulent and heartwarming coming of age story. Awash with emotion, As Waters Gone By swept me away -- be sure to catch this wave." Judith Graves